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Christina was literally a God send for my second labor. From our first appointment to delivery day, she provided the support and guidance I needed to get through an unmedicated birth. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain my goal of a natural delivery if it weren’t for her words of wisdom, spiritual support and her ability to know what I needed as an individual. I will forever be grateful for her services and highly recommend her for any Mother going through her journey to bring life to this earth. Thank you Christina!! ❤

Emily (birth client)

I had the honor of being Christina’s first client! When I heard she was a student doula, I was a little skeptical and thought about how my birth would go since I’m considered high-risk: heart surgery in 2019, I have a brain aneurysm, I was recently hit by a car at 31 weeks gestation, I was hospitalized at 34 weeks for an ovarian torsion, and finally had a placental abruption requiring a 911 call to be induced to have the baby early at 37 weeks! Regardless of my medical conditions, I felt a very strong positive vibe from Christina. The love in her voice flowed through the phone and into my heart. So I decided to give her a chance! Her young fresh mind was full of ideas and tips. She was always there for me through my emotional ups and downs, and all of the crazy medical emergencies. During the actual labor process, Christina was attentive to my needs and was a strong advocate for me. Because we discussed my birth plan ahead of time, she was able to stand for my wishes and talk me out of things she knew I didn’t want. For example, this birth was planned to be a VBA2C. She knew how much the vaginal delivery meant to me with this baby since we discussed it in advance. There was a point in time where I was begging for a C-section due to the pain the induction caused, and the inability to get into certain recommended laboring positions due to my injuries. Christina reminded me how this was not what I wanted and I could do this. I WAS doing it she said. Her loving calm support empowered me to continue on with my labor and I finally was able to deliver my baby vaginally. Also, she reminded me I brought expressed colostrum and when my baby went hypoglycemic after birth, she advocated the staff use it instead of donor milk. I am honored she took on my case even though I was high risk and I’m very grateful. I highly recommend giving Christina an interview to see if she’d be a good fit for you. All moms deserve her loving support and compassionate attentive care.

Julia (birth client, successful VBAC)

Words cannot adequately express what a joy Christina was to work with. Do not let her student status deter you – she is the BEST kind of person to accompany you in your birth journey! An absolute professional, she is kind, creative, trustworthy, strong, and a great listener. No matter what kind of birth you want to have, she will support you and help you advocate for yourself! I was really intent on having a natural birth with minimal interventions, and the hospital I was at had the opposite values (they wanted me to start pitocin almost moment I walked in, even though there was no medical need yet). Christina really helped me stick to my guns – she was knowledgeable about the implications of various interventions and she empowered me to make my own, informed, choices. She came with lots of options for pain management, ways to make the hospital atmosphere more pleasant, and a killer can-do attitude. My birth story absolutely would not have been the same without her walking alongside me and my husband. Her prenatal and postnatal care was also excellent – she took the time to truly get to know us as a couple, and her care for us was genuine. She is also quite knowledgable about lactation (though she is a professional and will refer you to a lactation consultant when it is outside her scope of knowledge). In all, if you’re comparing various doula profiles, stop here! Christina is amazing.

Anita (birth client, first-time mom)

I have 4 children, and only had a doula for the 4th one. Man I wish I had a doula with all of them! I never realized how wonderful having a doula would be, until my friend Christina became a doula. She posted about it on Facebook, and I thought, “why not, let’s give it a shot.” She took time to answer my questions and talk about my concerns before labor. She asked about likes and dislikes. And during labor she knew just what to do to make me more comfortable. I always get back labor, and I was induced this time, but Christina helped distract me from the pain and keep me relaxed. I had planned on an epidural because of my back labor, but by the time I got my epidural, it was time to push. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been able to labor naturally for that long. And who knows, maybe if I knew it was almost time to push, I may have just gone for a pain-med-free birth. All in all I absolutely loved my birth experience. It was so peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful.  Christina did an amazing job, and I wish she could have attended all of my labors. I do know I want her to attend any future babies I may have. 

Jennie (birth client)

I absolutely loved having Christina at the birth of our fifth child! She’s incredibly capable with birthing needs, supporting siblings and helping around the kitchen! She effortlessly and quietly guided my other FOUR children while I labored with my midwives and my husband in a separate room. Our toddler really gave her a hard time (ie. Crying for daddy, wanting certain foods, and more tears for various toddler reasons!) Christina was gentle, kind, and ever-patient with her. Weeks before my labor had started, we discussed exactly what my comfort level was in regards to having the kids at the birth. All of them showed interest but I really only wanted “pop by” visits from them instead of having them there the whole time. Christina is skilled at “reading the room” and at following instructions. The kids’ visits were perfect– sweet and encouraging but nothing long enough to delay or stall my labor. Most importantly, I was completely comfortable with the kids watching the pushing stage… in THEORY. But when that moment came I was overwhelmed and needed just my husband there… not wanting the kids in the room. Christina rolled with it – all with a smile, and tremendously helped my children go out of the room even when they wanted to stay. They came back just a few minutes later after baby was born and I was so thankful! After the birth, she got the kids and they baked a birthday cake for baby!Then she made us a delicious dairy free meal, AND made me a placenta smoothie.Did I mention she rotated the laundry, did all the dishes, diced up the placenta and I’m sure a hundred other things that I’m not sure aware of! I’m pretty sure she is super woman! I can’t say enough good things about Christina. She was a huge blessing to me and my birth. It would not have been nearly as peaceful without her! I highly recommend her for every service she provides- and especially for post partum support. Thank you so much Christina!!!!

Brittany (sibling support client)

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