As your doula, I aim to provide you with hand-picked resources on childbirth education, informed decisions, and my personal recommendations on care and wellness options in our local area.

My resource list is ever-growing. Please check back often to see new resources and recommendations. If there is a topic you wish to see addressed here or a recommendation of specific services, please fill out my contact form to make a resource request.

Please note: I have either had personal experience with these resources or had them highly recommended by people I trust. None of my resources have requested to be on my list nor am I receiving any compensation for sharing their information.

Birth Services

Photography (Birth, Maternity, & Newborn)
When a Belly Blooms

Photography (Maternity & Newborn)
Noel Jeannine Photography

Homebirth Supplies
Radiant Belly. Supplies for midwives, parents, and babies.

Placenta Encapsulation
Jen Holland, CPM LDM

Birth Doulas
Salem Doulas


Pelvic Floor Education
Jen Holland, CPM, LDM

Fertility Awareness
Northwest Family Services

Health & Wellness

Supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition
Salem Health Foods

Life Source Natural Foods

Mountain Rose Herbs


Breastfeeding Classes
Jen Holland, CPM, LDM

Primary Care Providers

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