About Me

My journey to birth work has been a long time in the making.

I grew up in Salem with exposure to women in my life talking about their birth experiences. From stories of empowerment and strength, to feelings of regret for unheeded desires, to journeys of facing challenges with grace, even to situations of humor and beyond; I have been surrounded with stories that are a testament to the power a woman has to birth her children. After having two children of my own, my view of birth was reinforced that a valuable opportunity is created: During this transformation of a woman into a mother, when the right environment and support is present, she may experience a newfound joy and confidence.

My desire in birth work as a doula is to assist in creating this supportive environment where women can experience positive birth and speak up for their needs and desires. I am an advocate for informed choice and medical freedom.

I serve a wide range of clients from different backgrounds in Salem and the surrounding areas. As a Catholic I also have a particular passion to assist some of my clients in labor in a spiritual capacity through prayer and other methods if they desire. It is my intention to work with your specific needs and I’m always happy to schedule a free interview for you to get to know me and determine if I am a good fit for you and your family.

I have been trained through DONA international. I completed my training in 2020 and have been serving the community in the Willamette Valley since May of 2021.

When I’m not meeting with moms for prenatal visits or at a birth, I am running our family farm business with my husband, our two little sons, and his family.

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