You Are Amazing, Mama!

Your friendly neighborhood doula reminder: you are amazing!

As I used my breast pump this evening, I was thinking about other mamas. This is hard, this mothering thing that we do. And the daily grind deserves a medal in my book. It’s not glamorous, and pop culture certainly doesn’t show the value of motherhood, but what we do matters. Our bodies are made for this. We grow these babies, we birth these babies, and then we have the ability to produce milk for our babies that has everything they need to grow.

As I sat and pumped this evening here were some of my thoughts of other mamas…

The slight discomfort of pumping reminds me of the newborn days of nursing when it’s all uncomfortable – I see you mama: you may feel like your baby isn’t getting the hang of it, you’re uncomfortable, and this is stressful. But if breastfeeding is something you want to do, know that we mamas in your community want to help you do just that. Reach out.

The amount of milk going into the bottle might be stressful – I hear you mama: you are perfect. What you produce is perfect. Others should not doubt your ability to meet your baby’s needs. Your little one will be fed whether all on your milk or supplemented with donor milk or formula. You are the perfect mama for your baby. You are enough.

The mess I made on my shirt as I sat comfy in my own home made me think of the inconvenience of a professional wardrobe and pumping – I acknowledge you mama: you are a rockstar for providing financially for your family and being a stellar woman in the workplace all while still providing nutritionally to your baby by pumping on your break times. Respect.

And so many other scenarios ran through my head. However you feed your baby, I admire you mama. Keep rocking this mothering thing.

Need help with your breast pump? Need general basic nursing tips? Need someone to just vent your feeding frustrations to? Talk to me. I’m here.

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